Personal Training

 Personal training with Timothy Bell will be unlike anything you have experienced before! You'll work with fitness expert/fitness author Timothy Bell as you work through a program specifically designed to meet your needs and specific goals. You won't find any outlandish claims, false promises, or unproven theories here ... just real results. 

 You'll learn how to increase your mobility/flexibility to reduce pain and prevent injury. You'll increase your functional strength and improve your movement through the most up to date and advanced training methods. You'll also shed unwanted pounds and attain a lean and athletic physique through sustainable nutrition methods. Best of all, you'll be given the knowledge to stay that way for life!

 Training with Timothy Bell is more than just about sets and reps. It's more than just a look. It's about learning how to move the way you were designed to move. It's about eating how you we're meant to eat. It's about balance and sustainability. It's about looking great and feeling even better! It's about not just meeting your goals, it's about going beyond your goals. If you're serious about making a change for good, then it's time to invest in yourself. Don't just live ... be great! 

One On One Personal Training Rates:

10 sessions - $50 per session
20 sessions  - $45 per session

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Online Personal Training & Program Design:
The next best thing to actually training with Timothy in person! All the benefits of being one of Timothy's personal one on one clients without actually living in the same city!
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