Conquering The Chin Up Ebook

 Let fitness expert Timothy Bell guide you through his proven method that has helped countless people build serious pulling strength. By following the simple program and 10 logical progressions, you'll quickly build towards getting your first Chin Up! No bullshit or filler, this book is all business! If you're looking to increase your pulling strength, get your first chin up, or improve your chin ups, then this book is for you!  (Click Here To Learn More!) 


Paleo Nutrition Quick Start Ebook 

The perfect intro to the Paleo Diet! Includes a summary of what the pale diet entails, examples of what to eat and what to avoid, paleo food pyramid, sample week of eating, and over 10 fun paleo recipes! This Ebook also includes a handy Paleo Shopping list to help you out at the grocery store! Best of all it's only $5.99 (Click Here To Learn More!) 


The Body Weight Solution Ebook 

No Gym? No Problem! Thanks to the Jungle Fit “Body Weight Solution e-book you’ll never need to step foot into another gym or even touch a weight to get the body and life you deserve! Let Jungle Fit founder and body weight training expert Timothy Bell teach you how to build functional strength, shed unwanted body fat, and build a custom fitness program using only your own body weight! Full of clear and easy to understand instruction, full colour photos, tips to improve form, and laid out in order of progression,the Jungle Fit “Body Weight Solution” is not your typical fitness book....(Click Here To Learn More!)


The Jungle Fit Silverback Program Ebook

 Are you looking to gain some serious strength? Tired of the same old - same old when it comes to strength training programs? Then look no further because “The Silverback Program” is just what you have been searching for! In this one of a kind Ebook, Jungle Fit founder Timothy Bell takes you through a 5 month strength training program designed to bust plateaus and increase your strength like never before! Best of all “The Silverback Program” will do all this using minimal equipment, body weight based exercises, and get you there with easy to follow full colour step by step progressions! ... (Click Here To Learn More)


Ancient Training For Modern Results Ebook

 If you're looking to build upon your knowledge of body weight trianing, add some unique exercises to your routine, and discover time tested and effective body weight exercises, than this book is for you!  Ancient Training For Modern Results dives into the world of body weight exercises used for centuries by some of the greatest armies, warriors, athletes, wrestlers, and gymnasts. This book picks up where "The Body Weight Solution" left off and offeres you the chance to not only build a large array of exercises to choose from, but also a little history lesson on where each exercise came from.  Best of all you'll not only learn these ancient exercises, you'll also receive a handfull of workouts designed with the most up to date modern protocalls so you can get real results FAST! (Click Here To Learn More)

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